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David Jenkins Bobing Trainer



David’s boxing approach will ensure you develop all the essential skills you need to reach your goals; whether that be to increase your fitness, physical attributes, or to start a professional boxing career. His approach is to train you based on your natural strengths, to help bring the best qualities out in you.

A little more about David:

25 years experience as a Boxer and Coach
Former NSW Middle Weight Champion
Level 2 Accredited Boxing Coach
Diploma in Sports Coaching
Trained multiple state champions
Been State coach at the ARAFURA Games
Current Boxing Australia Coach Presenter
Been involved in many boxing Australia training camps




Along with working on your fitness, boxing gives you the confidence of knowing that you are developing a valuable and practical skill. There is nothing more important than your safety, and you can learn self-defence through our boxing classes.

Fitness is a core component of what we do. Boxing is a great sport for cardiovascular training, and all of our sessions incorporate bag work and other high-intensity drills to help you work towards your personal fitness goals.

standup boxing bags
standup boxing amateur boxing training castle hill sydney



Standup Boxing has a record of producing great amateur boxers for competition.

Boxers who wish to compete can improve their skills through sparring and participate in exhibition matches while preparing to compete.

Whether you want to take your hobby to the next level or you’re the next champion, we can work out a competitive training plan for you.


Q Is there a limit to how many classes I can do?

A  No. Beginners can take as many All Level classes as they’d like. Once they’ve learned the basics, they are free to take unlimited Intermediate and Advanced classes as well. The only rules are that you get to class on time and ready to work hard.

Q  I want to compete. Do you train fighters?

A   Yes, we do.  We have fighters competing at local ,state, and national levels.

Q  Do I have to spar?

A   No, absolutely not. Most of our members elect not to participate in full contact drills. Those that do are closely supervised. Safety is our primary goal.

Q   I have never boxed  before can I still come and train?

A  YES . Most of our members start with little to no experience. While our programs are designed by experienced fighters, we understand that many of our members are just looking to get in great shape.

Q   Do you train women?

A   Yes About 30% of our members are women. Standup Boxing takes pride in the strong sense of camaraderie and community we’ve created at our gym. Regardless of your sex, age, or skill level, you’ll always feel safe and welcome.

Q  What do I need to bring

A   You will not need to bring anything just normal gym clothes and shoes a towel and water is advised.

Q  How do I get started with training?

A   Go to our contact page and complete the form to register for a One-week FREE trial. Alternatively, you can call +61 409 247 883

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Location: Unit 6/ 7 Carrington Rd, Castle Hill, NSW, Australia 2155

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